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On Newsweek, International Business Times, or any number of sites you visit on a daily basis, users may see a “Read More” icon about halfway through a piece of content. After clicking, the article expands.

RevMore solves two problems for publishers: visibility and engagement, especially on mobile. RevMore also creates a seamless user experience, generating more engagement without intruding on the content.


RevMore allows publishers to to increase the visibility of their below article units without negatively impacting user experience.

Most users never reach the bottom of the content. On a mobile device, it’s too easy to enter the content, absorb the headline and first few paragraphs, then bounce out.  RevMore encourages users to stay on site, and reach the bottom of the content.


RevMore increases audience engagement by allowing viewers to continue reading an article or move on to explore other recommended content.

After clicking “Read Full Article,” users are more likely to finish consuming the content and stay on site for additional content they may be interested in.

Publishers have already seen increased metrics from RevMore, and we’re expecting across the board performance boosts. Learn more about our newest products like RevMore by following our blog, or sign up to increase your audience engagement today.


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